Kudo would be the a main antagonist for Kumiko; though she had no personal vendetta. He was for a time a bully to her students until she finally put a stop to it. This would start a vendetta for her, as Kudo would join a Yakzua and tries to frame her students for his deeds. To the surprise of the others, eventually Kumiko takes him under her "wing" with hopes of reforming him.


A former student at Shirokin Gakuen. He was a senior there until he was kicked out. He met Kumiko during her first week of school, when he tried to beat up Kuma. Then Kumiko, when she found Kudoh and his gang, gave them a worse beating. He joins the Nekomata Group and tries to frame the Ooedo Clan to get back at Kumiko. Back at Shirokin Gakuen he and the other seniors used to beat up the juniors whenever they could. By the end of the anime he kidnapped Kumiko in hopes of bringing down the Ooedo Clan, only to be beaten by Shin and the rest of the class from 2-4. In the manga he is later taken in by Kumiko, seeing that she needs to make him into a better man, though he fights her (unsuccessfully) at every step..

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